Gerard Puxhe, Spanish designer born in Malaga. He graduated in interior designing, but taking him to this higher position of designing world, is his experience and hard work. Now he is based in London working as an independent designer. An exemplary unique work gave him an honor of being published in specialized press.


Gerard Puxhe is creating unique concept designs since 15 years. Experience always gives one more techniques of being familiar to a clients mind set. His successful work history includes projects made in London, Madrid, Marbella and Amsterdam, among others.


Gerard came up to this standard in designing world by not only the hard work and experience but with a passion to designing. With hard work you can reach your goal but adding passion keeps you unbeatable.

The designer aims not only interior design, also to its innovation in reinventing the yacht designs. He provides you with the useful advice to develop functional and top-notch luxury designs, creating a unique lifestyle.