Ferran Adria
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El Bulli
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Ferran Adria

March 5, 2020In Blog, Lifestyle

The world is plenty of disciplines that inspire me. Photography, art, science, even food, why not? Ferran Adriá is one of those influences.

Gastronomy universe is full of geniuses and one of the kings is the Spanish chef, Ferran Adriá.

He is a Spanish chef who was the head chef of the elBulli restaurant in Roses on the Costa Brava and is considered one of the best chefs in the world.

He hworked along side with his brother, the creative mind and renowned pastry chef Albert Adrià.

He is much more than just a chef. He has been the master of so many chefs around the world that you can’t count the number of great chefs that have learnt with him.

His process and everything that he does is in service of creativity. Visualization, drawing, list making, diagrams; are very much at the basis of the way that he expresses himself.

Ferran Adrià created 1,846 dishes and then stopped. He felt he had created enough and that soon he would reach his peak. He had to go further, and therefore decided to close elBulli. This was back in 2011, the beginning of the second part of his life. From there he would dedicate himself to, as he says, sharing “everything we have learnt over these years regarding the creative process and its methods”. Both in the kitchen and out.

In the creative process, is the absence of method a method itself?

From the restaurant his inventions could be shared with 6,000 people a year. From his foundation he can reach millions. This new format allows him to spread the word concerning his research and share his knowledge in order to inspire “future generations to be more creative”.

5 things about Ferran Adria

Born: In 1962 at Barcelona.

Family: No kids.

Education: Autodidact

His debut: In 1980 during his stint as a dishwasher at the Hotel Playafels, in the town of Castelldefels.

He likes…: Share his knowledge. Maybe that is why he created his own foundation.

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