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La Finca

July 23, 2020In Lifestyle, Blog

La Finca La Finca Madrid is a luxurious urbanization located in the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón. Thanks to its privacy, in recent years it has become the preferred area of many celebrities to fix their residence.

It is an urbanization with large green areas, modern architecture houses and advanced security systems. These advantages are joined by its proximity to the city center.

The development began its journey in the late 1980s. In those years the businessman Luis García de Cereceda bought with an old pine forest attached to the well-known development of Somosaguas. These lands are requalified by the Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council first as a sports area, to build a golf course, and later as a residential use.

In 2000 Luis García de Cereceda sells 100 hectares to the real estate companies Nuevo Mundo and Parquesol, which marks the birth of La Finca as we know it now. The land is urbanized and a new type of luxury urbanization is born.

García de Cereceda wanted to create a new concept of exclusivity and quality in the real estate market. Based on privacy, security and architectural unification.

To meet the first requirement, La Finca was designed as a large space where each neighbor could maintain their privacy, even safe from the eyes of the neighbors. The urbanization was provided with large green areas and artificial lakes, the plots were enlarged and the streets were narrowed so that no one could park outside.

Safety was also an important aspect in the design of La Finca. In order to attract famous people and great fortunes, it is essential to have the best security measures. The big difference with other urbanizations in Madrid is that the streets are private. This allows the entire perimeter to be fenced and control gates to be created at the entrances. It can only be accessed if you are invited by one of your neighbors. In addition the area has cameras, infrared detectors and patrols 24 hours. Such is the level of security that you can leave the door open or the keys in the car without worrying about anything. Most houses do not even have an alarm.

Finally, the third aspect that has made La Finca the most exclusive site in Madrid is its architectural unity. In its beginnings, only the A-cero studio, directed by Joaquín Torres, could design houses. The client bought the plot but they could only go to the architect Joaquín Torres to design the house. In this way a uniform style was achieved, with spectacular and modern homes.


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