Attractive Coldness

Transparency has a higher sensuality and elegance effect than many other things, and obviously it might be applied to interiors. Transparency stands out contours and lighting effects over edges give these a unique attractive, even poetic. An attractive coldness space is gotten from combining transparency with metallic textures.

Two Glas Italia’s chairs by Elena Cutolo are the main actors in this composition, although not quite useful for a daily use, these are a piece of art themselves. The rug is in this occasion the element that gives contrast with its blue colours, and a possible over coldness by the metallic sheets is adjusted thanks to brown ones.

#luxuryis sensuality

Interior design by Gerard Puxhe

Products list:
Merci Bob Chair, Glas Italia
Mercury Lamp, Artemide
Mehnir Rug, Ligne Roset
Square Sideboard, MisuraEmme
Ice Rock Mirror, Sovet Italia
Ovalis Vases, Iittala

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