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Calm Blacks

"There are many types of Black" as Yohji Yamamoto says. Black has many wrong connotations, such as it gives sadness or coldness. It might be in some occasions but not in most of them, it depends on context, use and type. Gold is the maximum luxury expression for many, it's Black for me.

It's clear in this space that more or less luminosity doesn't come just from piece's colour, it depends on its combination with the environment. Here all pieces are black or grey, they achieve to instill peacefulness and serenity, but elegance and style as well.

#luxury is peacefulness. Concept by Gerard Puxhe

Products list:
Wireflow Lamps, Vibia www.vibia.com
Terminal 1 Armchair, B&B Italia www.bebitalia.com
Harvey Line Sideboard, Minotti www.minotti.com
Graphis Light Glass Doors, Rimadesio www.rimadesio.com
Brame Mirror, Rexa www.rexadesign.it
Plan Ceramic Vase, Moustache www.moustache.fr

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