Dezeen x Samsung Ambient Mode design competition

“Architectural extension” is the proposal made for Dezeen x Samsung Ambient Mode design competition, being selected Top 5 finalist at IFA Berlin in August 2018.

Design statement

“With the new Samsung models, TV becomes a key interactive piece in space. The main challenge is that the TV has a frame that creates an edge, so there is a visual limitation and any digital element included in it will not be completely integrated with the wall, remaining as a simple frame where images are projected.

The concept is to create a virtual architectural extension that acts as a complement to the design of the existing space. In this way, a fusion is generated between all the objects and functionalities of the physical-virtual world, creating a total integration.

To capture the concept an image has been created in which a rectangular niche appears that collects the texture and color of the wall creating a real sense of volume, providing the space with decorative objects (vases, candles, etc.) and interactive elements (weather, hour, etc). The niche covers the entire size of the TV, thus solving the problem of the integration of the edge, since the frame seems another element, being all more credible. The niche can be closed or open, but for a greater interaction and cohesion it is advised semi-open.

The viewer can see a virtual sky that changes according to time or time through the opening. If it is completely open, it is as if it were a window from where a landscape can be seen, bringing the exterior to the interior.

Both the movement and light sensors will give much more realism to the design, since a light can be turned on when the room becomes darker, a flower can move or shadows can be generated when a person passes by.

The user can customize their virtual space from an app to combine it with the existing decoration of their space. From choosing the deco objects that fit the style of the space, colors, even closing or opening the hole or changing the background landscapes for the window mode. The information of the different widgets that the users have at their disposal (time, news, music, etc.) will appear on a glass that will slide and overlap the niche, to maintain the cohesion of all the elements. There may also be different options to the glass, such as latticework, wood or metal.

TV is not treated as an object of decoration with this concept but as a framework that opens a virtual world integrated into any space.”

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