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On this occasion, I have created something totally different to the previous design based on the summer time concept without the typical connotations such as stripes and blue colours.

The feeling of freshness is illustrated through visual neatness and nothing is better than white colours. Monochromes may appear humdrum, but this design its broken by the wall and floor, by the wavy texture which suggests sea waves. Freshness also relates to youth and contemporary which is why this colour palette was selected – made up by magneta, purple and blue-green. Like this, without losing harmony, we get a higher contrast along with pieces asymmetrical distribution. This allows it to achieve its visual objective without interfering between them, creating an unique space together.

#luxury is harmony. Concept by Gerard Puxhe

Products list:
Metropolitan Armchair, B&B Italia www.bebitalia.com
Egg Vase, Moooi www.moooi.com
Rabbit Lamp, Moooi www.moooi.com
Yale Sofa, MDF Italia www.mdfitalia.it
Jelly Centerpiece, Kartell www.kartell.com
Drop Wall Panel, Marotte www.marotte.fr