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Wild Life

Whether it's fashion or interiors, picking up a style is always hard as there are many factors to be considered. But it's not budget nor measurements the most common ones, maybe it's to be afraid to create something different. So many times I've heard, "I love it", "I'd have something like that", but when asking "why don't you do it?", I get a bunch of excuses. The conversation always ends with "I don't know, changing my house to that?", what means, "I don't dare".

The same way we must enjoy life without prejudice, to the extend possible, our house must be an extension of it. Attractive and functional spaces even though these are original and creative. Campana brother's Boa sofa for Edra is already a classic piece, it encourages you to have a fun and casual space.

#luxury is to dare. Concept by Gerard Puxhe

Products list:
Boa Sofa, Edra
Camo Rug, Vondom
Isom Square Coffee Table, Neo Craft
Slim Moon Lamp, Envy
Sara Palmer Wallpaper, Tres Tintas

Wild Life - Interior design by Gerard Puxhe