Twist dark blue wallpaper by Gerard Puxhe

Twist Dark Blue

Twsit is a wall mural designed by Gerard Puxhe. Seamless & floor-to-ceiling digitally printed wallpaper, with heights up to 3.15 meters and with of 30 meters with no joins. The design is a continuous piece of 20m. long that can cover 4 walls of a entire space or be cropped to fit in a single wall. The design can be customized to any wall dimensions specified by the client.

As a bespoke design every order is different so an initial study and quotation is needed. Please click on the following button to request a quote.

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Price from £220/sqm.
High quality wallpaper, durable, easy to clean, flame retardant, scratch and impact resistant, safe, colourfast and lightfast.
Digital printed wall covering: polyester weave, coated on two sides with vinyl.
Rolls width: up to 30m. Height: up to 3.15 m.
Weight: ± 330 gr/m²
Flame retardancy: EN 13501, B s2 d0

Step 1: Once the purchase is done, the client will be requested to send wall dimensions to adapt the design.
Step 2: The client receives the design adaptation drawing for approval.
Step 3: Once we received the approval, the wallpaper is sent to production.
Step 4: The client receives the wallpaper rolls.

Estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks. It might vary depending on shipping country.
International ordering available.
Any customs charges from countries outside the European Union have to be paid by the buyer.
Bespoke wallpapers are not suitable for returns.

Twist collection

There’re different colours available in the collection.

Twist wallpaper by Gerard Puxhe
Twist dark green wallpaper by Gerard Puxhe
Twist wallpaper by Gerard Puxhe