Yuu rug


Yuu rug Delivery only to countries in the European Union. For international deliveries outside the EU please contact us at [email protected]m

Designed by Gerard Puxhe and produced by Barcelona Rugs. Bronze Prize at European Product Design Award 2017.


  • Hand knotted (100 knots) wool rug made in Nepal.
  • Circle rug.
  • Colors and sizes may vary slightly. This variation is not considered a defect. 7% production tolerance.
  • Custom sizes available. For special sizes please contact us [email protected]

Yuu rug is the result from graphical experimentation in order to come up with a unique and different design. The graphic creates a powerful visual shadow effect on it, even more impressive when placed under a ceiling lamp, even if it´s turned off. The colour palette for all the different versions has been carefully selected to create a modern and harmonious. It evokes a poetic feeling that makes it a perfect contrast touch in any interior.


Yuu rug estimated delivery time from 12 weeks, depending on size.
International deliveries outside the European Union please contact us [email protected]
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